In around six weeks’ time, we will be plunged into the Winter months – always an exciting time of year as the fashion industry swings into action! You’ve probably noticed Autumn fashion pieces creeping onto our shelves when out browsing around your favorite retailer. Is it me or does this get earlier every year? The same can be said about online stores as they’ve already stocked up for the colder months ahead.

1. Dark Florals

These easy-to-wear floral designs first made their appearance and many of you may already have a few pieces in your wardrobe. It was branded such as Prada and Paco Roban who really championed this by showcasing their designs on the catwalks many months ago. You can already find gorgeous rich Autumnal floral dresses in mainstream high street stores such as Top Shop and River Island which you can accessorise with one of our clutch bags for those small essentials when you’re out and about.

2. Victorian Details

So many time eras have been represented on the catwalks over the last months including 60s 70s and 80s but the one emerging fashion trend this year are Victorian details.

We’re talking about Peter Pan necklines, big puffy sleeves and boning in corsets which all offer a very feminine look. Like all showpieces which make their way to the catwalk, this trend will find their way onto the high-street in a toned-down guise but still maintaining this overall design. Our ethical handbags help make a perfect fashion statement and enhance your look in any situation.

3. Platform Shoes

Again? Yes, really! This throwback from the 70s and 80s finds its way back into our lives again but with a different twist. You probably know how clunky platform shoes are so, instead of wearing them with flares, try wearing them with raw hemmed jeans or white jeans for a clean look. Think about your silhouette and balance it out with slim-fitting trousers -if you’re going to go chunky with your footwear go slim with your trousers.

4. Leather

This is not about the stereotypical baggy jackets. Head to toe leather shirts and trousers as championed by Alexander McQueen for Autumn will emerge in all sorts of guises. Faux or vegan leather will really come into its own on the high street with faux leather dresses already available on the high street and the same with leather trousers – go for those with that elasticity in the back which is so much more comfortable and flattering. Needless to say, you can set this off by accessorising your look with one of our gorgeous ethical cowhide handbags for that unique twist to your personal style.

5. Statement Sleeves

One-shoulder tops for the milder months before we get into deepest Winter are a must and are already being stocked on the high street. Baloon sleeves are also finding their way onto the high street in the form of dresses, blouses and even knitwear in cases. Who knows, you may even have a balloon sleeved item in your wardrobe somewhere and if so dig it out and make it ready for the season.

6. The Leopard Coat

Not for everyone but you’ll be surprised how good this can look if worn to suit your personal style. This trend comes around time and time again every year so these leopard printed coats are a sound investment for your wardrobe. A leopard skin styled coat is always worth investing in so look around shops on the high street and premium stores for an array of different designs. Top this off with one of our ethical Jambo clutch bags to complete your look this season.

7. Lace

This is an exciting return for the autumn-winter season. Lace is not only classy but very feminine as we saw recently with Prada, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen experimenting with lace on the catwalks with their skirts and blouses displaying head-to-toe styles. Lace is flexible and is a perfect mix and match fabrics to go with what you already have in your wardrobe or something new from the high street. You can start wearing lace now while temperatures are still warm and then mix it with winter garments as the temperature starts to fall.

8. Ethical leather bags and accessories

More and more people are considering where and how an item is made before they part with their hard-earned cash. Ethical products are becoming more of a long-term trend as we get clued up about our environment and how it affects buying habits. Our ethical bags and accessories are carefully sourced.

This means that all our leather is a byproduct of the farming industry. Rather than being disregarded, we source leather and make it into high quality beautiful fashionable handbags and clutch bags.

This process helps the indigenous people of Kenya and as we say it’s Powered By Africa!

See our beautiful leather products.

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