‘Sustainable products’ are those products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and the environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal. Please see below some information on how our unique products are sourced and manufactured.

The Sourcing of our Products

All of our leather goods come about as a result of the dairy and cattle industry in West Africa. Cattle are an integral part of Kenyan society and its economy, and cattle here are well tended too and very highly valued. The Masai Tribe are in particular associated with raising cattle, and they tend to their every need and cattle are a highly valued and treasured part of their local community.

Herds sizes in Africa will range from a lone cow in many small shambas, and then up to 300 in many parts of the country. Indeed, it is not unusual to see cattle walked through the bustling, yet still green, modern city streets of Nairobi! When their time comes, such cattle are slaughtered in Government controlled and approved facilities and all the normal by-products of such cattle are then professionally and sustainably utilized using EU approved processes.

The reality is that if by-products such as hides were not sustainably used, then they would end up in a landfill, which would be a shameful waste of a re-usable resource. Therefore, and instead, we provide a means by which these by-products are used to create a valuable resource to directly benefit the Kenyan people. We would also add, that in addition to our leather products, all of our fabrics are also locally sourced, and then also locally waxed and resin printed.

Tanning of the Leather

Our leather tanning process uses five different independent tanneries which recycle what would have simply been a by-product into a leather production process using European Union level of governance and standards which ensure the safety and longevity of the Kenyan landscape and the safety of all the local workers.

In-House Production

We are exceptionally proud of the fact that our leather products are used to create safe, long term employment for locals in Kenya. The factory where our unique products are created provides employment to 51 Kenyans, of which 40 are directly employed in the factory, and, we are proud to say that 19 of the 40 workers are female, and, all the employees are provided with the following benefits:

• Statutory overtime  
• Bonuses
• Workers Compensation Insurance
• Compassionate Leave
• Periodic Loans – repayable over three to twenty-four months
• Statutory Maternity and Paternity Leave (in 2018 we had 8 births!)
• Pastoral help as required

The local Kenyan people are continually being trained in the latest international standards, and this fosters a huge sense of pride and accomplishment in their own endeavours and which will create employment within Kenya for generations to come. In addition to the above, when our products require additional elements to them, we only use other Kenyan suppliers, some of which are 1 to 2 person outfits, and who are completely dependent upon companies like ours to provide them with sustainable industry in their locality – this is a commitment we take very seriously, and, again, the reality is that every time a customer like you purchases one of our products they are ensuring the continued employment of the Kenyan people and within their own traditional communities.

The Future

Our aim is not only to continually invest in our products and our product range but to also continue to invest in those people working to produce our unique products which we then sell worldwide. We know the names of every one of the Kenyans that produce our products, and we know the names of their families, and this is one of the key elements that sets us apart from most other companies.

In addition, and as a process of continual development, the workers for The Jambo Collection are in the process of cultivating a herb and vegetable garden, and, in March 2019 they will have installed 2 beehives in that garden!

We invest directly in Kenya and in the Kenyan people, and, every time a customer like you buys one of our products, you also invest in the Kenyan people and its sustainable future!

We LOVE ♥ what we do here at The Jambo Collection, and we are so happy to sell a product that provides a proud livelihood to so many people, and, which utilises a sustainable product and turns it into something unique and beautiful that can be enjoyed by so many people from all over the world.

Thank you for sharing our journey with us and we hope that you Love ♥ our Products as much as we Love ♥ making them!

With Smiles,

Fiona Cummings
The Jambo Collection