Ethical Fashion Is In Demand

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Going Ethical

Compelling evidence strongly suggests that the fashion industry wants to shake off its tarnished reputation as being the second most polluting industry on the planet. With this in mind, there is gathering momentum amongst small fashion houses as well as the large fashion giants to adopt new policies and directive to ‘go ethical’.

So, how does this effect us? Well, more and more of us these days concern ourselves with how and where our things are made. Small fashion companies including The Jambo Collection have found solutions at community level in Kenya.

The Human Touch

Communities adapt very easily to hand production because they produce objects, by hand, as part of their everyday lives, through necessity. Rather than upping their roots and travelling to a factory with its alien environment, individuals can stay close within their communities to produce clothing and accessories sourced from raw materials close by. There are thousands of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) which help form interconnecting work structures in which communities can contribute. This kind of holistic work structuring has been utilised and organised by fashion gurus such as Vivienne Westwood.

Environmental Impact

There has never been a time when we’ve looked out on the future of our climate with such a huge concern. And most of us are genuinely worried about a gloomy prospect that climate change could offer. We need shared values which can be achieved by creating projects for the poorest. By bringing projects to those who would usually have been excluded, this creates new opportunities to those who can create high demand fashion items we all love.

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