The Jambo Journey – Part 1

How a by-product becomes a Jambo Product

Cattle are an integral part of Kenyan society and its economy, and our leather goods come about as a by-product of the dairy and cattle industry in East Africa.

Here at The Jambo Collection, we provide a means by which by-products such as cattle hides are used to create a sustainable and valuable resource to directly benefit the Kenyan people.
We are exceptionally proud of the fact that our leather products are used to create safe, long term employment for locals in Kenya. The factory where our unique products are hand-made provides employment to 51 Kenyans, of which 40 are directly employed in the factory, and, we are proud to say that 19 of the 40 workers are female, and, all the employees are provided with the following benefits:

• Statutory overtime;
• Bonuses; 
• Workers Compensation Insurance; 
• Compassionate Leave; 
• Periodic Loans – repayable over three to twenty-four months;           
• Statutory Maternity and Paternity Leave (in 2018 we had 8 births!); and
• Pastoral help as required

The local Kenyan people are continually being trained to the latest international standards, and this fosters a huge sense of pride and accomplishment in their own endeavours and which will create employment within Kenya for generations to come.