The JAMBO Journey – Part 2

Selling Jambo products

One of the avenues for selling The Jambo Collection products is through country fairs all over the United Kingdom.

It is a lot of work to get everything set up for a fair, but it is a huge source of pleasure to me that I can introduce a small part of Africa to local people and watch them enjoy holding and enjoying a product that was handmade on the other side of the world!

I get asked so many questions, but, some of the most common (and my answers!) are below:

1. What are the products made from?

The products are made from cattle hides which are a by-product of the Kenyan cattle industry – it is a sustainable product which we lovingly re-create into handmade quality fashion items.

2. Where are they made?

The products are handmade in Kenya by local people – in fact, ‘everything’ to do with our products is entirely African! (Please note that our ponchos are sourced in the UK)

3. Which Fair to choose?

There are so many fairs to choose from and I finally found my niche in the world of fairs by going to a huge variety of fairs throughout England and Scotland. It also has another bonus, in that, whilst I am away I do get to stay with friends and family quite often. I am now a CFA (Charity Fairs Association) Member.

Over time, I have built up a great comradery with other stall holders, to the point where they are like an extended family and we catch up on all that has been happening at other fairs and compare our products and discuss who has the best thermos at a chilly fair in March!

So, don’t miss the opportunity to see The Jambo Collection on the road this year and visit our Events Page on our website:

4. Trickiest Fair experience to date?

It was my 3rd fair with The Jambo Collection (no names will be mentioned!) and I arrived at the event only to find I had booked a “pitch only” space and not a gazebo! After speaking to the organiser, I raced into town at 7.15am in the hope of finding a gazebo at Halfords, but no luck! In short, once I arrived back at the showground, the organiser radioed all the staff at the event to ask if anyone had a spare gazebo? The Showground Manager came forward and said, yes, he did have one in his garage, so he very kindly zipped home to collect it and 20 minutes later I had a gazebo! However, the real fun started when I realised I had NO idea how to put this one up! Luckily, my “Fair Family” came to the rescue and the pitch opposite selling lawnmowers came over and very kindly helped me put up “my” gazebo, I was literally ready and set-up 5 mins after the event opened at 10.00am!! Phew, it was time for a cup of tea!

I learnt a huge amount that day, and the moral of the story is that nothing is impossible, it simply reads: “I’m possible ….” 😊

5. Online Shopping?

I also sell Jambo products online, and this is something I have really enjoyed learning about and which will soon be the subject of a separate blog on the ‘Jambo Journey!’

I look forward to seeing you online and maybe, at one of my Fairs!

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