The JAMBO Journey – Part 4

The Online Journey

I have to admit that selling online has been a journey of discovery!

I am very happy with my website: but then pushing from a website into creating a proper online sales path has taken a huge amount of work and dedication!

I have had to learn all about how to engage with Facebook and Instagram as these are my two key social media platforms as well as learning all about Search Engine Optimisation (eek!) and finally I feel I have made some progress as I have over 3,000 followers on Instagram, and, let me tell you, I earned every single one of them!!

I just love engaging with people and networking at events and I regularly receive messages from customers saying that they love their new Jambo product whether it’s a handbag, belt, animal collar or sundowner cups. In fact, I recently ran an online competition and received the following video message from the very happy winner:

Here’s Louise Mihelic, Cullompton, Devon