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The JAMBO Journey – Part 3

So, what is happening at the Factory? During the month of March 2019, we were looking forward to creating the new vegetable garden which runs alongside the factory in Kenya where The Jambo Collection products are hand-made. Well, I am delighted to say that the vegetable garden is now in operation and is being tended […]

Ethical Fashion Is In Demand

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Going Ethical Compelling evidence strongly suggests that the fashion industry wants to shake off its tarnished reputation as being the second most polluting industry on the planet. With this in mind, there is gathering momentum amongst small fashion houses as well as the large fashion giants to adopt new policies and directive to ‘go ethical’. […]

Exotic and Sustainable Fashion Using Fish Leather

Fish Leather jambo bag

Fish skin leather is the by-product of the Nile Perch, a lake fish caught by the vulnerable communities in Lake Turkana, Kenya’s northernmost region. Because these fish are filleted for consumption their skins are largely unused. Due to this, companies such as Victoria Foods in Kitale have been producing fish skin leather. The Nile perch […]

Where do our hides come from?

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We are often asked about where the materials for our bags and belts come from. We are extremely careful about sourcing ethical materials and all of the animal hides we use in our products come directly from tanneries in Kenya. These five tanneries have been selected personally by our founder, Fiona, who takes regular trips […]

Jambo from The Jambo Collection

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Interesting fact. There are 68 different languages spoken in Kenya! This is largely due to there being such a diverse population. There are two large language families ruling the roost locally. They are Niger-Congo, spoken by the Bantu population and Nilo-Saharan, spoken by the Nilotic population. Then there are 42 different ethnic groups, each speaking […]