Where do our hides come from?

cowhide bag belt jambo

We are often asked about where the materials for our bags and belts come from.

We are extremely careful about sourcing ethical materials and all of the animal hides we use in our products come directly from tanneries in Kenya. These five tanneries have been selected personally by our founder, Fiona, who takes regular trips to visit the local communities involved. The Jambo Collection cultivates a simple ethos: to offer beautifully designed bespoke products ethically, whilst sourcing materials locally in a respectful manner to the environment and incredible indiginous peoples. The tanneries used provide work and training to tribes including the Maasai.

Bred for meat and farmed by local people, the animal skins that we use are simply bi-products from the farming industry. After animals like cattle are slaughtered humanely for food, their hides are a waste product and are either burned or sold in order to be used for clothing or exporting. Hide, from the German word “haut” meaning skin, is made in a similar way to leather. The animal skins are dried out and treated before they are fashioned into bags, belts and other quality items.

In the wasteful society of today, we like to think we’re being resourceful transforming this bi-product into beautiful bags for people to enjoy for years to come!